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iHub is our new industrial computer for sense and control applications. With iHub you can visualize and monitor different types of sensor values from different manufacturers on a local screen and also on a cloud based dashboard. Based on the sensor values, outputs can be controlled, so recipes can be implemented and reports created. 

Recipes can be started and stopped.

The power of iHub is that it is a low cost platform with huge flexibility and configurability. Customization can be implemented via scripts and are fast operational.


The sensor data is stored in a database. We also can offer a data anlysis service / option.

Here we will collect sensor data over a certain period in our cloud platform. We will determine the correlations and trends, and also compare performance of different (comparable) locations.

Based on these correlations, the industrial process can be optimized for example for throughput time or for fuel consumption improvements. They can be realized via dedicated recipes.


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