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Our method

We prefer to work on a project basis. That means that we first come by to get clear what the customer wants exactly. We describe that in a specification. It may be that some iterations are needed. We will make a quotation from that specification. Hereby we keep the costs as low as possible, by using our iHub platform, if possible.


If a PLC is to be used, we use Siemens S7 series or Vipa.
We have experience with a range of sensors and actuators.
The programming language is SCL, and TIA is the development environment.
We develop and test the software as far as possible in a simulation environment.

We have also developed some of our own building blocks for the S7, such as a PID scheme.
The big advantage of this is that we have control over the settings and tuning.


A lot of open source code is used on the PC or server side and Python as the language.
The great thing about Python is that the longer you work with it, the better the language becomes.
Python-based packages, in particular, are very much on the rise and offer
fantastic functionality. They are getting better with the open source community.


An example of this is Django, a web framework that allows you to put data in a database
can dump and quickly execute all queries on the database that you need.
Other examples are packages that interface with excel.
Or Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, with which you can plot the data very quickly in a graph.
The User Interface is your web browser.
With the help of HTML, some CSS and jquery you can build a nice User Interface.

We use tools such as GIT for configuration management, together with Bitbucket.
And PyCharm as a development environment.