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Our Products

FlashTech develops and supplies solutions for BMSB heat treatment. 

In 2018, FlashTech started to develop a registration system, mainly for
capturing and reporting of temperature data, and for controlling of the
heat treatment cycle (BMSB requirements).  At Belgium port facilities
we successfully installed and commissioned systems for heat treatment
of cars and foras well as biglarger items likesuch as agriculture vehicles,
trucks, and cranes etc. were installed and commissioned.  
From then on, the system has developed towards a modular product with
proven technology. FlashTech now delivers standalone registration systems
as well as complete heat treatment facilitiesy. And as a service provider,
FlashTech can assist with the complete process of material purchase,
building and commissioning.

The most compelling advantages of our products include: the deployment
of energy-efficient electrical heating without fans on the floors
(less damage risk and better floor usage).

We offer the following products: 

HTRS registration system   
A standalone registration system consisting of a control terminal, wireless
sensors, HTRS application, reporting, and simple IO connection to turn of
the heater when the heat treatment cycle has successfully completed. 

HTRS registration system with control
Identical to the HTRS registration system, but extended with control
functionality for the existing heater, with a focus on optimal energy efficiency,
for your existing heater equipment.

Complete Heat Treatment Facility  
A complete Heat Treatment location optimized for air turbulence and energy
consumption. Including construction and commissioning.  
Mentioned products have a delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks after ordering.
A complete Heat Treatment Facility has a delivery time of 8 to 12 weeks. 

Heater control
PID control for existing heaters, for optimal energy efficiency.

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