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Some customers

Below you will find an impression of some projects

BMSB Heat treatments

We develop BMSB heat treatment facilities for logistic companies.
Cargo receives heat treatment before it can be exported to Australia and New Zealand.
This is necessary to prevent certain insects (BMSB) from entering those countries.
To be able to follow this process remotely for multiple locations, a temperature registration
system has been developed. Large numbers of wireless temperature sensors are used for this.


One of our customers is Rentokil in LeHavre, a multinational company, specialised
in pest control.
We installed a Registration system for monitoring stink bug/BMSB heat treatment
sessions. When cargo is exported to Australia and New Zealand, it must undergo this treatment to prevent the stink bug entering those countries.
With our registration system, Rentokil can monitor correct process execution and
generate a report at the end that is shown to Australian/New Zealand governments
to prove the cargo may enter the country.

arco solutions

Arco-solutions is a large, fast-growing machine builder in North Limburg, see - https://www.arco-solutions.nl/

We have developed the software for a conveyor control for Arco.
This is a complex of conveyor belts that must be mutually coordinated.

The development took place on PLC in SCL, including HMI design, manual and service mode.
The commissioning took place in collaboration with the Arco engineers.

Arco logo

nxp semiconductors

For NXP, DashBoards have been developed for the follow-up of project progress for the follow-up (tracing / reservation / management) of measuring equipment, which is located in various measuring rooms and on measuring tables.
If a department carries out a number of project-oriented activities, the progress must be monitored on a regular basis. When this concerns large numbers of activities, a support tool is very useful for selecting the projects that require attention.

The software consists of two parts: a visualization part (the actual DashBoard) and a data collector. The data collector in this case collected data from various project reports and excel files. This data is then placed in a database. And the DashBoard section makes the data visible, and can also extract information from it, in particular a selection of projects that require attention / support.



We have done several projects for TopAcryl, a Swiss manufacturer of acrylic glass. They use ovens to make customer-specific acrylic glass. For this, the semi-finished product must be heated at different temperatures for different (adjustable) times.

We have upgraded old ovens by adding a local PLC control, and by reading values from these PLCs remotely, graphically displaying, and saving.
It concerned different types of ovens, hot air ovens and ovens with heat exchangers.
Temperatures were read with PT100 RTD.
These temperatures are read by a PC via Profinet and stored in reports.
The PC does this for different PLCs and each PLC again for several ovens.
A self-developed PID control ensures optimum control, in combination with its own autotune algorithm.

For the PC we have developed a Django / Python program for data acquisition and data analysis. With this we can also develop and manage recipes.a

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